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Project Status: 6 March 2006 (Monday)

IOP-14 continues. The precip maximum with the main frontal band was later getting started in the ARB than anticipated yesterday and the precip max was highest just north of the ARB. As of 8 AM PST this morning Blue Canyon had received a 24-hour total of 1.36". The frontal band should pass east of the ARB this afternoon. Cold air advection aloft should bring more convective precip to the area with the higher reaches of the ARB (e.g., Blue Canyon) experiencing near continuous precipitation with snow levels around 4000 feet or so and gradually dropping. The trough axis still looks to pass the ARB around 18 UTC Tuesday morning and more steady precipitation will develop ahead of it beginning around 09 UTC and continuing until the axis passes. An additional 24 hour QPF of 1" is anticipated.

Therefore, IOP-14 will continue at least through noon PST tomorrow.

An announcement on the continuation or termination of HMT field activities will be made on tomorrow's call.

Equipment status: The Alta S-band vertical pointing radar is again working OK as of 5 March 20 UTC. Apparantly a layer of ice on the radome that had been attenuating the signal has melted. The Slough House supplementary soundings ran out at 18 UTC this morning (there were 2 sonde failures last night). The XPOL is working fine and can continue collecting data for at least another 24 hours or so.