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Project Status: 4 March 2006 (Saturday)

IOP-14 is scheduled to begin early Sunday morning around 1 AM PST (09 UTC Sunday) with the XPOL scanning radar and Slough House supplementary soundings. Although the forecast is a bit slower arriving in the ARB than yesterday's guidance, the XPOL could begin operations earlier should precip begin before 09 UTC. Heavy precip is expected Sunday evening into Monday. Perhaps 2" of liquid by Monday evening. A frontal passage is expected Monday afternoon then a weakening of the precipiation insensity. Another push of moisture with the trough axis passage Tuesday night through Wednesday may bring another 1.5". A decision on terminating XPOL operations will be made when the precip tapers off late Monday or early Tuesday.

There are 14 Slough House supplementary sondes left and once those are exhaused the HMT Slough House sounding operations are complete. Assuming no sonde failures those sondes, deployed every 3 hours, would run to 00 UTC Tuesday (4 PM PST Monday afternoon) which should cover the fropa.

Sensor Status: The Alta S-band vertical pointing radar is showing evidence of attentuation. Although the antenna cover was brushed off of snow, perhaps some ice buildup is attenuating the beam.

The Blue Canyon precip gage is showing much lower readings that the other gages at the site and is suspect. Other precip sensors (including the ALERT gage) appear to be OK.

A decision on terminating HMT operations after IOP-14 or perhaps after the next precip event later in the week will be made following IOP-14