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Project Status: 3 March 2006 (Friday afternoon)

Precipitation in the American River Basin is presently winding down. IOP-13 ended a short time ago at 20 UTC.

Attention now turns to the next event that is bearing down on northern California. The timing for this event has evolved quite a bit over the last couple forecast cycles, with earlier onsets in evidence for each succeeding forecast. At present, the forecast calls for light precipitation to begin in our target area Saturday night into Sunday morning. Precipitation intensity is forecast to increase during the day on Sunday into Sunday night, with cold frontal passage sometime between 06-12 UTC Monday (Sunday night into Monday morning). Thereafter, the precipitation will linger quite a while, being helped by a few postfrontal cold surges. Precipitation will probably continue into Tuesday. Snow levels will start out around 5-6 kft on Sunday, then descend to 3-4 kft during the Monday-Tuesday time period.

There will be HMT-West operations for this event, which will be IOP-14. Ellen Sukovich will deploy to the area on Saturday to operate XPOL starting Saturday evening. The desired plan for Sloughhouse soundings is to begin operations at 09 UTC Sunday (i.e., Sunday morning) and continue through 00 UTC Tuesday (i.e., Monday afternoon). Dave White is attempting to line up the students to perform these launches. If executed as desired, this plan would exhaust the Sloughhouse sounding resources for the project.