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Project Status: 2 March 2006 (Thursday noon)

IOP-13 is in progress with a cold storm that is bringing snow to unusually low elevations (2 kft) in the ARB. Approximately 12 inches of snow fell so far at Blue Canyon where the ALERT gauge shows just over 1 inch of liquid equivalent; similar amounts of liquid equivalent have been recorded at other nearby ALERT gauges and at Foresthill and Alta. This looks like the good cold storm HMT had hoped to get. Soundings at Slough House and supplemental sondes from Oakland continue to be launched from 9 UTC Thursday at 3-hour intervals through 12 UTC Friday. The X-band polarimetric radar began collecting data at 0630 UTC today (10:30 pm PST Wednesday). SMART-R radar was unable to participate because of a transmtter problem.

The x-band will continue at the operator's discretion through the showery daytime weather today, but will definitely be collecting continuous data from this evening and through tomorrow morning, when the precipitation is expected to have a second surge.

The next storm is shaping up to be a fairly good one in the forecasts. It should arrive in the ARB around Sunday afternoon and coud last for 36-48 hours or so into Tuesday. A decision on whether to conduct IOP-14 on that storm will probably be made at tomorrow's conference call. If so, it would involve the X-band radar and the Slough House soundings. The SMART-R radar is now finished for the project and is heading back to Oklahoma. The Oakland supplemental soundings will be finished for the project by tomorow morning.

- Martner