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After consulting with several participants in the project, it has been decided to end active field operations for HMT-West 2006. Today was the last daily coordination call for this field season. Unattended sensors will continue to operate, although if they malfunction, they will not be repaired. The plan at present is to remove much of the remaining ESRL instrumentation by the middle of April. However, some surface sites, particularly those with soil moisture sensors, will remain in place long term.

As a means to provide an overview of HMT-West 2006 and start to make plans for HMT-West 2007, we would like to hold a workshop in the May-June timeframe, preferably in the Sacramento area. Please provide me your thoughts on this issue (via email or phone). This issue will also be discussed during HMT Advisory Panel conference calls along with other HMT issues of interest. These call will probably begin again in the next month or so.

Many thanks to the forecasters, engineers, instrument operators and coordinators, chief scientists, program managers and other key individuals that made HMT-West 2006 a huge success.

Dave Kingsmill