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November 30, 2005

Status Report: 30 November 2005

Wednesday Afternoon ---

A BIG storm is approaching the ARB with 3-5 inches of liquid expected to fall starting this evening and lasting at least 24 hours. It will be warm at the start (0C at 7.5 kft) and cold at the end (0C at 4.5 kft).

Both scanning research radars should begin collecting data no later than 6 pm PST, and be prepared to continue for more than 24 hours.

SMART-R is up and running.
X-band is waiting for crew to arrive this afternoon.
No sounding system at Slough House until week of 12DEC.; no supplemetal sondes from OAK needed before then.

Installation of S-band profiling radars will be delayed due to engineers being stranded in Nevada yesterday.

Late Wednesday Afternoon

Kingsmill and Ayers arrived at the X-band around 1 pm MST. The radar appears to be ok, but the phone is dead.


Wednesday Evening

X-band has been operational and collecting data since 01 UTC 1 December. Data is being shipped to Boulder. Work on displaying this data is in progress---stay tuned.


November 29, 2005

Status Report:: 29-November-2005, 22 UTC

Based on the current forecast, precipitation from the next landfalling system is likely to begin in our American River Basin target area during the middle to late portion of Wednesday evening (approx. 04-08 UTC 1 December). Therefore, the plan is to commence X-POL and SMART-R operations at the beginning of this time frame. (approx 03-04 UTC 1 December). These times may be refined on Wednesday based on updated forecast information. The current thinking is that the most likely modification (if one is needed) would be to delay the beginning of operations based on recent trends in forecast model performance.

There will not be any special sounding operations with this IOP.

The next status report will be Wednesday afternoon.


The X-band and SMART-R scanning radars are on-site and ready for crews to arrive.

Many of HMT's unattended instruments are installed and logging data, incluidng stream level, soil moisture/temperature and most precip gauges. Some are reporting in realtime to the Web, others await phone connections. Stream level loggers will not have realtime display.

S-band profilers are being installed by NOAA/ESRL this week.

The balloon sounding system and 915-MHz wind profiler will be installed at Slough House the week of Dec. 12.


November 23, 2005

Project Telephone LIst

This file contains the telephone list for project participants:

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Project Staffing Schedule

This file contains the project staffing schedule

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