ATOC 1060: Our Changing Environment

Global warming has been referred as a defining issue of the 21st century. This course is to help undergraduate students to better understand the facts and logic behind the theory of global warming. The students will essentially have a guided tour of the climate system and the science of global climate change. By the end of the course, they will feel more informed and readier to participate in public discussions about major issues in the area of global climate change.

Instructor: Dr. De-Zheng Sun ( ; Tel: 303 497 6272; Fax: 303 497 6449)

Place: G1B20, Duane Buiding

Time: 12:30--1:45, Tuesday and Thursday (Aug. 27--Dec. 12)

Teaching Assistants: Ms. Anne Hickey; phone: 303 492 0488; email; office: ECNT 226 (Engineering Center, North Tower); Office hours:2 pm--4 pm Wednesdays. Mr. Jun Jian; email:; phone: 303 735 2650; office hour: 2 pm-3pm Tuesday & Thursday

Text book: Climate Change, W. J. Burroughs, Cambridge Univ. Press

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