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Andrea J. Ray

Physical Scientist

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Andrea Ray is a research scientist at the NOAA Earth System Research Lab, Boulder, CO.She and her WWA colleagues recently completed a report for the Colorado Water Conservation Board,Climate Change in Colorado: A Synthesis to Support Water Resources Management and Adaptation" Her research interests are on the potential use of climate information and forecasts in natural resource management, including the analysis of management decision processes and how these condition the potential usability of forecasts, and pilot activities for development of NOAA climate services. Her areas of expertise include climate and society interactions, water management and development in the Western U.S., adaptive management, policy sciences, and qualitative and context-sensitive research methods.

Dr. Ray has studied the interaction of climate, reservoir management, and the evolving natural resource management context in Western Colorado, and how the interacting institutions and the governance structures in the region may influence the use of climate information (Ray, 2004) and applications of research in to serve stakeholder needs (Ray, et al. 2007).

She serves on the management team for the Western Water Assessment, a NOAA-funded integrated assessment designed to identify and characterize regional vulnerabilities to climate variability and change, and to develop information, products and processes to assist water-resource decision-makers throughout the Intermountain West. She also serves on the Science Working Group for the North American Monsoon Experiment, a project funded by NOAA, NASA, and NSF. Previously, she worked in the NOAA Office of Policy and Strategic Planning, and was a program manager for the NOAA/OGP Pan-American Climate Studies (PACS) research program.