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MJO Experimental Prediction Project:

Current MJO status

The purpose of this page is to provide ways to assess and view the current MJO status. In addition to the types of plots here, we hope to provide as assessment of the current status of the various model's MJO's. This could be done using EOF's of the models or similar techniques.

*Satellite pictures
Infrared global composite (sample shown)
*MJO Phase diagram of EOF1/EOF2
(from Matt Wheeler).
plot Shows the current value of the phase diagram of EOF1 versus EOF2. The EOF's were calculated by using the combined daily fields of 15?S-15?N averaged OLR, 850 hPa zonal wind, and 200 hPa zonal wind from 1979 to 2001. The interpretation of EOF1 and EOF2 is available pictorially.

*NOAA CPC’s 200 mb velocity potential
plot Shows a 5-day running mean of 200mb velocity potential averaged from 5N to 5S
*NOAA CPC’s Animation of daily IR and 200-hPa velocity potential anomalies
plot Animation of daily IR and 200-hPa velocity potential anomalies (base period 1971-2000). Velocity potential anomalies are proportional to divergence with green (brown) contours corresponding to regions in which convection tends to be enhanced (suppressed).