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*** OLR Animations are outdated and have been removed. We hope to have them back soon. ***

Current Animations of SST

Using weekly data from the past year.
Data Sources:  
Updated Tuesdays of Each Week


SST Animations of Recent La Niña (cold) Events

Using weekly data (NCEP Data Source)

1: 1983-84 SST   (JAN83 - DEC84)

2: 1988-89 SST   (JAN88 - DEC89)

3: 1995-96 SST   (JAN95 - DEC96)

4: 1998-99 SST   (JAN98 - DEC99)

Comparison of these 4 La Niña events

Comparison of 2 BIG La Niña events     (88-89,   98-99)

SST Animations of Recent El Niño (warm) Events

Using weekly data (NCEP Data Source)

1: 1982-83 SST   (JAN82 - JUL83)

2: 1991-92 SST   (JAN91 - JUL92)

3: 1994-95 SST   (JAN94 - JUL95)

4: 1997-98 SST   (JAN97 - DEC98)

Comparison of these 4 El Niño events

Comparison of 2 Big El Niño events     (82-83,   97-98)