Atmosphere-Surface Exchanges

Investigating the regional variability of atmosphere-surface exchanges with in situ observations

Direct observations of the coupled Atmospheric-Terrestrial-Cryospheric System create overlapping interests among many activities.

The Atmosphere-surface exchanges group has met several times since December 2013. The developing science questions from this group can be reference here.

See what datasets are available to investigate atmosphere-surface exchanges from Arctic observatories.

Dave Billesbach (UN) of the Ameriflux network technical team provided an overview of flux standarization and inter calibration within the network.  The presentation (attached) recommends some Arctic specific-approaches for similar objectives across the pan-Arctic sites.  

Presentation from Cryosphere-Atmosphere meeting in Davos, July 2013

The IASOA atmosphere-surface exchange working group collaborates directly with the WMO's Global Cryosphere watch on issues of common interest.

NOAA ESRL is conducting research into techniques to extend the performance of critical observational instruments into extreme cold locations.

Publication Highlights

Aas, K., T. Berntsen, J. Boike, B. Etzelmüller, J. Kristjánsson, M. Maturilli, T. Schuler, F. Stordal, and S. Westermann, 2015: A comparison between simulated and observed surface energy balance at the Svalbard archipelago. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol. doi:10.1175/JAMC-D-14-0080.1. 

Lesins, Glen, Thomas J. Duck, James R. Drummond, 2012: Surface Energy Balance Framework for Arctic Amplification of Climate Change. J. Climate25, 8277–8288. doi:


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