Verification by Forecast Variable

Experimental Seasonal Forecasts Based on Tropical SSTs

Forecasts verifying MJJ 2004

SST Forecast MJJ 2004, 1 Month Lead MJJ 2004, 2 Month Lead
Verification vrf.sml.sst vrf.sml.sst
CCA Method sml.fcst.sst.CCA.lag1 sml.fcst.sst.CCA.lag2
NCEP Model sml.fcst.sst.NCE.lag1 sml.fcst.sst.NCE.lag2
IRI Model sml.fcst.sst.IRI.lag1 sml.fcst.sst.IRI.lag2
Linear Model sml.fcst.sst.LIM.lag1 sml.fcst.sst.LIM.lag2
NSIPP Model sml.fcst.sst.NSI.lag1 sml.fcst.sst.NSI.lag2
CPC Constructed Analog sml.fcst.sst.HCA.lag1 sml.fcst.sst.HCA.lag2
Average of 6 Forecasts sml.fcst.sst.ENS.lag1 sml.fcst.sst.ENS.lag2
Persistence sml.fcst.sst.PST.lag1 sml.fcst.sst.PST.lag2

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