GHCN_CAMS Gridded 2m Temperature (Land)

Note: we are transitioning files from netCDF3 to netCDF4-classic (information available).

Brief Description:

  • GHCN CAMS is a high resolution (0.5x0.5) analyzed global land surface temperatures from 1948 to near present.

Temporal Coverage:

  • Monthly means from 1948 to Dec 2015 .
  • Long term monthly means using 1981-2010.

Spatial Coverage:

  • 0.5 degree latitude x 0.5 degree longitude global grid (360x720).
  • 89.75S - 89.75N, 0.25E - 359.75E.


  • Surface

Update Schedule:

  • Monthly

Download/Plot Data:

Archive parameters: File names are composed of variable abbreviations and statistic name:


Variable Statistic Level Download File Create Plot/Subset
Temperature Mean Surface plot
Temperature Long Term Mean Surface plot

Usage Restrictions:

  • None.

Detailed Description:

  • See the NCDC's GHCN_CAMS ftp page. According to the journal article on the dataset: A global monthly land surface temperature analysis for 1948-present.
    "This data set is different from some existing surface airtemperature data sets in: (1) using a combination of two large individual data sets of station observations collected from the Global Historical Climatology Network version 2 and the Climate Anomaly Monitoring System (GHCN + CAMS), so it can be regularly updated in near real time with plenty of stations and (2) some unique interpolation methods, such as the anomaly interpolation approach with spatially-temporally varying temperature lapse rates derived from the observation-based Reanalysis for topographic adjustment.".

    Also see the webpage for plots (total, monthly, percentile) and links to related datasets.
  • Related Datasets at PSD


  • None.

Related File Naming & Structure Information:

File Names: (get via ftp at

  •   (In directory: /Datasets/ghcncams/)
  •   (In directory: /Datasets/ghcncams/Derived)

Dataset Format and Size:

  • PSD standard NetCDF: ~403 Mbyte file size.
  • PSD standard NetCDF: 187 Mbyte file size LTM.

Missing Data:

  • 32767s



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