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  Please read about a potential issue if you acquired daily 2m air temperature files between 8/14/2014 and 11/7/2014.
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20th Century Reanalysis V2

This plot shows the difference between GPCP and 20CR precipitation fro 6N-6S; 120E-180E.

Options to produce plot are using the WRIT Timeseries Plotting page

  • Dataset 1:20CR
  • Dataset 2:GPCP
  • Var1: Precipitation Rate
  • Var2: Precipitation Rate
  • Years: 1979
  • Years: 2010
  • Years: 1979
  • Time Averaging: None
  • Statistic: Anomaly
  • Grid Pont 1: -6 to 6; 120 to 180
  • Grid Pont 2: -6 to 6; 120 to 180
  • Output type: Timeseries ,li>Rest: Default