NOAA-SEARCH Atmospheric Observatory Program, Eureka, Canada

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A successful collaboration between the U.S. NOAA-SEARCH Atmosphere Program, the Canadian CANDAC Program, Meteorological Services Canada and the University of Wisconsin Lidar Group resulted in the installation of a cloud radar and cloud-aerosol lidar in Eureka, Canada in August of 2004. These instruments are the first of a comprehesive suite of radar, lidars, radiometers, wind profilers, inteferometers, chemistry and aerosol sensors that will be part of a long term Atmospheric Observatory at the Eureka site.

Daily updates are made at this site of observations from the radar (pdf description) and the lidar (Lidar description at U of W). More comprehensive data products for the lidar can be found at

The BROWSER allows viewing of:

data browser
  • Input radar reflectivity and lidar backscatter.
Other fields that will become available:
  • Microwave radiometer liquid water path and rawinsonde data
  • Cloud classification masks
  • Ice particle and/or droplet sizes
  • Ice and/or liquid water contents
  • Radar reflectivity, Doppler velocity and spectral width
  • Radiometer brightness temperature, infrared at 10.6-11.3 microns and microwave at 23.8 and 31.4 GHz

Data is also available through FTP. See the Data Page.

Mindjet Doc of FTP area: The Eureka Mindjet Doc is an image/map that shows the organization of the Eureka FTP data site with accompanying links to the data folders.

Barrow/North Slope of Alaska field site
Eureka Station
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