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325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305-3328

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Staff Lists:

Director's Office

Main Office
Robert Webb, Director, 303-497-5942
Richard Lataitis, Deputy Director, 303-497-6523
Randall Dole, Senior Scientist, 303-497-5812
Rita Lombardi, Administrative Support, 303-497-7200

Budget and Administration
Brian Gorton, Administrative Officer, 303-497-4321

Information Technology
Nick Wilde, Senior IT Manager, 303-497-6175
Rusty Jesse, Lead Systems Administrator, 303-497-5863
Cathy Smith, Web and Data Lead, 303-497-6263

Barb DeLuisi, Communications Coordinator, 303-497-4233

Research Teams

Atmosphere–Ocean Processes
Mike Alexander, NOAA Lead, 303-497-6030
Juliana Dias, CIRES Lead, 303-497-7235
Barbara Herrli, Secretary, 303-497-3876

Attribution and Predictability Assessments
Judith Perlwitz, NOAA Lead, 303-497-4814
Joseph Barsugli, CIRES Lead, 303-497-6042
Barbara Herrli, Secretary, 303-497-3876

Boundary Layer Observations and Processes
Christopher Fairall, NOAA Lead, 303-497-3253
Laura Bianco, CIRES Lead, 303-497-6520
Shawna Dowd, Secretary, 303-497-6476

Dynamics and Multiscale Interactions
Alexander Voronovich, NOAA Lead, 303-497-6464
Gilbert Compo, CIRES Lead, 303-497-6115
Barbara Herrli, Secretary, 303-497-3876

Forecast and Modeling Development
Jeff Whitaker, NOAA Lead, 303-497-6313
Robert Pincus, CIRES Lead, 303-497-6310
Barbara Herrli, Secretary, 303-497-3876

Hydrometeorology Modeling and Applications
Rob Cifelli, NOAA Lead, 303-497-7369
Kelly Mahoney, CIRES Lead, 303-497-5616
Shawna Dowd, Secretary, 303-497-6476

Hydrometeorology Observations and Processes
Allen White, NOAA Lead, 303-497-5155
Darren Jackson, CIRES Lead, 303-497-6180
Shawna Dowd, Secretary, 303-497-6476

Polar Observations and Processes
Taneil Uttal, NOAA Lead, 303-497-6409
Matthew Shupe, CIRES Lead, 303-497-6471
Shawna Dowd, Secretary, 303-497-6476

Research Partnership Programs

National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS)
Roger Pulwarty, Director, 303-497-4425
James Verdin, Deputy Director, 303-497-6930

Advanced Systems Group (ASG)
David Allocca, Program Manager, 303-497-6962
Sandra McClellan, Program Coordinator, 303-497-4344

CU – Center for Environmental Technology (CET)
Albin Gasiewski, Director, 303-497-7275 / 303-492-9688

UCSD Scripps Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes
Marty Ralph, Director, 303-497-7099