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From the Assimilation and Modeling Branch

Rapid Update Cycle (RUC)
An integrated high-frequency model/assimilation system developed in coordination with NOAA/NCEP to support NWS, other components in NOAA, and the aviation community including FAA with accurate short-range forecasts based on latest hourly observations.

Rapid Refresh (RR)
Next-generation replacement for the (RUC), the Rapid Refresh (RR).

A next- generation coupled weather/air quality numerical prediction system based upon the Weather Research & Forecast (WRF) model. WRF-Chem has a large international user base and, in addition to studying global change processes, is used to predict weather, dispersion, and air quality.

Weather Research & Forecast Model (WRF) (external Web site)
A collaborative partnership to develop an advanced mesoscale forecast and assimilation system, and accelerate research advances into operational forecasting.

Flow-following Finite-volume Icosahedral Model (FIM)
An initial version of a new global model including use of the adaptive isentropic-sigma hybrid vertical coordinate successful with the RUC model, accurate finite-volume horizontal advection, and use of an icosahedral horizontal grid.


LAPS image

Colorado Region Analysis image
Colorado region analysis

From the Forecast Applications Branch (FAB)

Local Analysis and Prediction System (LAPS)
LAPS integrates data from virtually every meteorological observation system into a very high-resolution gridded framework centered on a forecast office's domain of responsibility.


60-km sea-level pressure

From the MAPS/RUC Surface Assimilation Systems (MSAS/RSAS)

The Mesoscale Analysis and Prediction System (MAPS) and the Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) Surface Assimilation Systems (MSAS/RSAS) exploit the resolution of surface data by providing timely and detailed surface analyses.

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