ESRL Global Systems Division

The Technology Outreach Branch's mission is to oversee internal development of systems intended primarily for global or international cooperative agreements and technology transfer programs. Support is also provided for the following major activities:

SOS ImageScience On a Sphere ®
FX-Net ImageFX-Net
Virtual Worlds ImageNOAA's Virtual World
  • Science On a Sphere ® - SOS®, a new concept by former GSD Director Dr. Sandy MacDonald, is a NOAA program to develop a revolutionary system for educating the public on the holistic nature of Earth's ever-changing oceans, atmosphere, and land. SOS presents NOAA's global science in a new and exciting way by providing an engaging three-dimensional representation of our planet as if the viewer were looking at the Earth from outer space.
  • The CWB Technology Transfer Project - GSD's longest standing cooperative project is the Technology Transfer Project at the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) of Taiwan. Since 1990, CWB-GSD activities have created joint mutual benefits, especially cooperation in the areas of information systems, data assimilation and modeling, high-performance computing, and observing systems.
  • The Korea Meteorological Administration Project - The Technology Outreach Branch completed their agreement with the Meteorological Research Institute (METRI) of the Korean Meteorological Administration (KMA) to design a nowcasting system based on GSD's WFO-Advanced meteorological system. The development of an integrated workstation is the capstone of years of modernization at the KMA to provide better weather information to its citizens. The cooperative effort was carried out by researchers and engineers from both organizations.
  • The FX-Net Program - FX-Net is designed as an inexpensive, PC workstation system for use in a variety of forecast, training, education, and research applications not requiring the full capabilities of a WFO-Advanced type system. FX-Net makes AWIPS products accessible over the Internet via high and low bandwidth communication lines. Integral to the FX-Net technology is a wavelet compression technique that can reduce and transmit product file sizes with a minimal loss of resolution.