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Joint Interagency Weather Research Coordination Meeting - Presentations
Boulder, Colorado — March 22-24, 2010

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Monday - March 22, 2010

Welcome/Opening RemarkRoger Pierce
NASA Applied Sciences Program UpdateJohn A. Haynes
FAA Weather ResearchRay Moy
IOC Status and R&D Challenges for NextGen Weather and the 4-D CubeSteve Abelman
Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) Weather Requirements: An UpdateJames Tauss
Aviation Weather Center and TestbedBruce Entwistle
Convective Weather and ThunderstormsJenny Colavito
CoSPA 0 to 8 Hour Storm Prediction for AviationHaig Iskenderian
Storm Prediction Center PerspectiveRussell S. Schneider and Steve J. Weiss
SATCAST Overview (0-1 hr Convective Nowcasting)John R. Mecikalski, Wayne M. MacKenzie, and John R. Walker
Global/Oceanic Convection Diagnosis and NowcastingCathy Kessinger, Huaqing Cai, Matthias Steiner, Nancy Rehak, Dan Megenhardt
Convection at NSSL:Research Applicable to NextGenHoward/Hondl/Stensrud
STMAS/LAPS for Convective Weather Analysis and Short-range ForecastYuanfu Xie, Steve Albers, Brad Beechler, Huiling Yuan, and Isidora Jankov
The “Auto-Nowcaster” A Thunderstorm Nowcasting SystemJim Wilson and Rita Roberts
GPS Observations Convective Weather & ThunderstormsSeth I. Gutman
Monitoring And Prediction Of Hazardous Convective Cloud Object PropertiesKristopher Bedka
NDFD Convective Hazard Probability ElementsSteve Olson
LAMP - Thunderstorm ForecastsStephan Smith for Judy E. Ghirardelli

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Tuesday - March 23, 2010

Aviation Weather Group Right Sizing Project BriefingVictor Passetti
Right sizing metadata activities in the service oriented architectureBeth Plale
Right sizing: Demonstrations and VisualizationsJerry Brotzge
Satellite Observations and ProductsSteven Goodman
Overview GOES-R Aviation Algorithm RequirementsWayne F. Feltz
Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Transition from NPP/NPOESSSteve Goodman
CALIPSO Adding the Vertical DimensionChip Trepte
NASA Decal Survey Mission applicationsDavid Johnson
GSD Satellite OverviewDan Birkenheuer, Tomoko Koyama, Steve Albers
Obscuration RequirementsSteve Fine (NOAA)
Wildfires, Volcanoes and Aerosols and Their Impact on Visibility and WeatherGeorg Grell
Obscurations Smoke and DustR. Draxler
Satellite-derived Cloud Properties in Near Real Time for Weather and Aviation SafetyP. Minnis, W. L. Smith, Jr., J. K. Ayers, K. M. Bedka, F.-L. Chang, T. L. Chee, R. Palikonda, and D. A. Spangenberg
NOAA's Hydrometeorology Testbed “HMT"Tim Schneider
HMT ObservationsAllen B. White
Quantitative Precipitation ForecastingIsidora Jankov, Huiling Yuan, Steve Albers and Zoltan Toth
QPE and MRMSK. Howard, J. Zhang
NDFD Precipitation ElementsSteve Olson
The Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) on the GOES-R SeriesSteven Goodman
TAMDAR contributions to boundary-layer observationsB. Moninger
Boundary layer observations with profilers and other ground-based remote sensorsBruce Baker
Status of the WVSSII ProgramDavid Helms
Polarimetric WSR-88D Weather RadarsTerry J. Schuur and Alexander V. Ryzhkov
GPS Boundary-Layer Observations in Support of Aviation Weather ProductsSeth I. Gutman
LAND-SURFACE OBSERVATIONS Importance to Forecasts of PBL ProfilesCurtis H. Marshall
NCAR efforts utilizing lightning products applicable to NextGen global aviationCathy Kessinger, Wiebke Deierling, Matthias Steiner, David Johnson, Nancy Rehak
The AWG Cloud Team MembersAndrew Heidinger
FAA NextGen “Right Sizing”?
Lightning Initiation from GEO (0-1 hr Lightning Initiation Nowcasting)John R. Mecikalski, Ryan Harris, Chris Siewert and Wayne M. MacKenzie
CloudSat & A-Train Penetrating and Revealing Deep Convection, Severe Weather & properties of clouds and precipitationGraeme Stephens and Deborah Vane

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Wednesday - March 24, 2010

Convergence of Deterministic NAM & RUC into hourly NARRE & HRRRE EnsemblesGeoff DiMego
RUC / Rapid Refresh / HRRR: recent enhancements, future plansStan Benjamin and Steve Weygandt
Assimilation Techniques (emphasizing radar) to improve convectionSteve Weygandt, Stan Benjamin, Ming Hu, Tanya Smirnova, Curtis Alexander, John Brown
NCAR Microphysical parameterization workR. Rasmussen
WAFC requirements and the linkage to NextGenMike Graf
InFlight Icing Activity SummaryMarcia Politovich
Contributions to InFlight Icing Activities: NASA ASAP Efforts at NCARJulie Haggerty
Flight Icing Threat Derived From Satellite DataW. L. Smith, Jr., P. Minnis, R. Palikonda, K. Bedka, D. A. Spangenberg, M. Khaiyer, F.-L. Chang
Weather Observations for Aircraft Ground Deicing and Anti-icing Operations by AirlinesJim Riley
Jet Engine Power Loss in Ice Particle Conditions – The High Ice Water Content (HIWC) Cloud Characterization StudyJ. Walter Strapp and Thomas P. Ratvasky
Icing NextGen WorkshopSteve Albers and John McGinley
FAA, NASA, NOAA Turbulence R&D, productsBob Sharman
ICAO global requirements for Turbulence and the linkage to NextGenMike Graf
Satellite-based inferences of turbulenceTony Wimmers, Wayne Feltz, Kristopher Bedka, Bob Sharman, and John Williams
Remote Sensing of TurbulenceLarry B. Cornman
Ground-Based GPS Observations of TurbulenceSeth I. Gutman
Ceiling and Visibility
Probabilistic Forecasting of Ceiling and Visibility in NCV: Development ProgressPaul Herzegh
Ceiling and Visibility NextGen WorkshopSteve Albers, Dan Birkenheuer, Paul Schultz, Yuanfu Xie, Zoltan Toth, John McGinley, Ed Szoke
SFO GDP Parameters Selection Model (GPSM) Field EvaluationDave Clark and Lara Cook
LAMP – Ceiling and Visibility ForecastsStephan Smith for Judy E. Ghirardelli
Volcanic Ash
NASA Volcanic Cloud Data for Aviation Hazard MitigationA. Krueger, N. Krotkov, K. Yang, G. Vicente and E. Hughes
Volcanic Ash Remote Sensing at NOAA/NESDIS and CIMSSMike Pavolonis
NOAA Volash ResearchR. Draxler
Integrated Solutions for Volcanic Ash in View of Recent Alaskan EruptionsJohn J. Murray
Space Weather
Support for AviationRodney Viereck, Bill Murtagh, and Joe Kunches
Space Weather affects aviation radiation environment, GPS navigation, and HF radio communication –solution optionsW. Kent Tobiska
Nowcast of Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation for Aviation Safety (NAIRAS) ProjectChristopher J. Mertens