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Aviation Division Personnel

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Aviation Division

Dr. Michael J. Kraus, Chief Aviation Division (Supervisory Meteorologist) (303) 497-5200
George R. Carr, Jr., Intel Corporation
Young S. Chun Computer Scientist (497-6426)
Jim Frimel Computer Scientist (497-7429)
Richard Garrett, Intel Corporation
Leslie B. Hart Computer Scientist (497-7253)
Dr. Craig S. Hartsough Meteorologist (497-6882)
Thomas B. Henderson, Computer Scientist
Judy K. Henderson Computer Scientist (497-6940
Richard T. Jesuroga Physical Scientist, Chief, Product Development and Dissemination Branch (497-6936)
Jennifer L. Mahoney Meteorologist (497-6514)
Patricia A. Miller Mathematician, Chief, Model Verification and Production Assistance Branch (497-6365)
Mark Moore Systems Administrator (497-6844)
Dennis M. Rodgers Meteorologist (497-6933)
Bernardo J. Rodriguez, Computer Scientist
Dr. Lynn A. Sherretz Meteorologist, Chief, Aviation Gridded Forecast System Branch (497-5580)
Chandran Subramaniam CIRES Research Associate (303)497-6015
Frank G. Tower Computer Scientist (497-6095)
Kay Villars, Secretary (Office Automation)
Sher M. Wagoner Senior Systems Analyst (497-7254)
[The above list includes Cooperative Agreement/Contract employees.]

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