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2/2003 Forum - Introduction

Forecast Systems Laboratory
A. E. MacDonald, Director
FSL Website –

Nita Fullerton, Editor/Writer
E-Mail –
Phone: 303-497-6995

The FSL Forum is an occasional bulletin that originates with NOAA's Forecast Systems Laboratory. Comments on published articles and suggestions for future articles are welcome from any interested individual or group. Forward all inquiries and address/subscription changes to Nita Fullerton at the above e-mail address or by using the following address:

    Nita Fullerton, Editor, FSL Forum
    Forecast Systems Laboratory - R/FS1
    David Skaggs Research Center, Room 2B602
    325 Broadway
    Boulder, CO 80305-3328

In This Issue

NOAA Science on a SphereTM

Operational Mesoscale NWP to Support U.S. Space
Launch Operations

Mesoscale NWP
A Customized Design for Managing and Disseminating
Bitemporal Metadata

Managing Metadata
Designing the Object Data System

Object Data System
Collaborating to Improve GPS Accuracy and NOAA
Weather Forecasting

GPS Forecasting
Multicast Data Distribution on the AWIPS Local
Area Network

Data Distribution
New Weather Products for the Air Traffic
Control Center

Weather Products

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