Dear Colleagues in Science and Teachers,

We want your feedback on the activities. Please print out and duplicate this form and complete one evaluation for each activity, or simply write or e-mail your comments to FSL. Your comments are important to us and will be gratefully received. Return the comments to either of the following:

Rhonda Lange
Visitor/Information Services Coordinator
Forecast Systems Laboratory R/FS
325 Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 80305-3328
Administrative Aspects

John Osborn
Technical Communication Services
Forecast Systems Laboratory R/FS4
325 Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 80305-3328
Technical/Web Aspects

We will see that your comments reach the teachers and scientists who created the original SAM material.

Circle your response to each statement or question according to the scale provided.
In addition, please fill in the "Comment" sections and answer Questions 10 - 13.

SAM Evaluation Form

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