ESRL Global Systems Division

Dr. Craig Tierney Honored with CIRES Outstanding Performance Service Award 2011

Congratulations to Dr. Craig Tierney of ESRL’s Global Systems Division for being selected as a recipient for the CIRES Outstanding Performance Award "Service Category"! Dr. Konrad Steffen (Director of CIRES) presented Craig with his award during a ceremony at the CIRES Rendezvous on April 22nd.

The Service Awards are designed to recognize outstanding CIRES members who perform vital service through administration, information technology, project management, outreach, or other work not directly related to scientific research or engineering.

Craig has promoted and inspired excellence and dedication to the science and research performed at CIRES as a "cornerstone of the NOAA High Performance Computing (HPC) team in Boulder. Every day he cheerfully applies his deep understanding of HPC systems architecture and his experience in advanced numerical modeling to find creative solutions to difficult problems. Craig’s solutions not only remove the roadblocks that prevent CIRES and NOAA scientists from getting their work done on the NOAA Boulder HPC resources, but they often constitute innovative contributions to the HPC community at large. However, Craig's superior knowledge and skills in all aspects of HPC architecture and applications is only a small part of his value to CIRES and NOAA. Starting in August 2009, Craig voluntarily took on the demanding role of acting HPC Lead, responsible for managing all aspects of NOAA Boulder's HPC resources and representing NOAA Boulder's HPC interests in the midst of a NOAA-wide HPC realignment. Craig filled that role for sixteen months, providing strong leadership and selflessly performing tasks under pressure that went above and beyond his job description. This period was especially busy and important for NOAA and Boulder HPC and Craig performed all the duties of this position without reallocating his other responsibilities. It was a huge task, and Craig was outstanding at ensuring success."