ESRL Global Systems Division

OAR Data Sharing and Research Collaborations with EIG EUMETNET

Additional data sharing and research collaborations between OAR and the European Union on weather, climate, and other systems moved closer to fruition on August 7, 2013 when ESRL's GPS-Met data and products were transmitted via the Global Telecommunications System in WMO BUFR format for the first time. The data were read and successfully decoded by E-GVAP, NOAA's ground-based GPS-Met Program counterpart in EIG EUMETNET (Economic Interest Grouping - European Meteorological Services Network).

On January 10, 2011, a Memorandum of Agreement between NOAA's Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, National Weather Service, and EIG EUMETNET was signed on behalf of OAR by then Acting Administrator Craig McLean. The MOU, "Collaboration on Weather, Climate, and Other Earth Systems for the Enhancement of Health, Safety, and the Environment and Economic Prosperity," singled out data sharing and research collaborations on ground-based GPS meteorology as an area of special interest to all agencies. The Global Systems Division's Forecast Applications Branch (GSD/FAB) took the initiative to prepare and implement software that reformats the NOAA GPS-Met information into a special BUFR format uniquely developed for our European collaborators. The data were then transferred to the NWS Telecommunications Gateway and distributed to these users via the Global Telecommunications System.

Completion of this milestone provides EIG EUMETNET with OAR GPS-Met observations from more than 550 locations around the world (mostly over CONUS) and provides NOAA with unrestricted near real-time access to data from approximately 2100 E-GVAP sites, mostly in Europe.

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