ESRL Global Systems Division

OAR/NESDIS Collaborations on Water in the Climate System

ESRL's Global System Division (GSD) hosted a 1.5-day meeting with John Bates (NESDIS/NCDC) to discuss ongoing and new collaborations between OAR and NESDIS on the general topic of water in all phases in the climate system. The meeting co-chaired by Seth Gutman (ESRL/GSD) and Karen Rosenlof (ESRL/CSD) had about 20 participants from NESDIS, ESRL (GSD, CSD, PSD, and GMD) and the NOAA Joint Institutes at Colorado State University and University of Maryland. Discussions focused on the following topics:

Notable recommendations and outcomes emerged from this short but productive gathering of experts. Participants concluded that ground- and space-based GPS-Met should be part of NOAA's climate monitoring activities. Greater emphasis should be placed on funding students to perform directed climate research in this area.

Next steps to future collaboration include:

  1. The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) will initiate a request to archive ground-based GPS-Met observations and derived products;
  2. John Bates (NESDIS/NCDC) will make a motion to support and expand international collaboration on GPS-Met climate applications at the meeting of the WCRP GEWEX radiation panel in October;
  3. Based on availability of funding, OAR and NESDIS will make every effort to invite more students to actively participate in NOAA climate science studies in the future.

Though substantial work has been accomplished at NOAA in the above three areas of concentration, much work remains to be done, and continued and expanded collaborations between OAR, NESDIS, and the Joint Institutes is a productive and economical way to do it.

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