ESRL Global Systems Division

ESRL's Geo-targeted Alerting System Installed at First Pilot Sites

The Geo-Targeted Alerting System (GTAS) developed by ESRL's Global Systems Division (GSD) has been installed at the first pilot sites in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Forecasters from the Fort Worth Weather Forecast Office (WFO) and emergency managers at the Dallas City Emergency Operations Center were trained on GTAS capabilities which include the ability to collaborate, brief, text chat, draw, and view/interrogate weather data, and run the Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory (HySPLIT) dispersion model.

GSD is working with NOAA's Air Resources Laboratory (ARL) and Office of Response and Restoration to provide GTAS users the ability to run HySPLIT. Capable of modeling over 500 different types of particles, HySPLIT uses the highest resolution weather model data to more accurately and quickly assess societal impact of airborne threats, from tornadoes and flash floods to chemical releases. GTAS is an integration of these latest advances in toxic plume and mesoscale weather modeling into a weather/societal impact display and dissemination system tailored for NWS forecasters and state and local emergency managers. GTAS allows forecasters to collaborate with emergency managers over the internet through a shared situational awareness system to more accurately and quickly define societal impact and disseminate the impact to the public in the case of airborne threats.

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