ESRL Global Systems Division

Bronze Medal Recipients

On Tuesday, February 6, NOAA senior management, led by Administrator and Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere Vice Admiral (Ret.) Conrad Lautenbacher, announced the 2006 Bronze Medal Awards for all of NOAA.

We recognize Steve Ennis (and many other dedicated and concerned NOAA employees) who received a 2006 Bronze Medal for voluntary service provided during FEMA post-disaster relief operations after multiple hurricane strikes in 2005.

Michael Kraus was a key player on the team awarded a NOAA Bronze Medal in 2006 for designing and implementing the consolidation of six research organizations in Boulder, CO into the new NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory.  The other recipients include:

  • Daniel Albritton
  • Sharon Berner
  • Randall Dole
  • Martin Hoerling
  • David Hofmann
  • Sandy MacDonald
  • Don Mock
  • Bill Neff
  • Marty Ralph
  • Linda Rosales
  • Susan Solomon
  • Pieter Tans

GSD's Mark Mathewson is part of a team awarded a 2006 Bronze Medal "For developing and deploying a new software warning tool which codifies and permits automated delivery of NWS warning products to users."
The team includes:

  • Pete Browning, NWS Central Region HQ
  • Matthew Davis, NWS La Crosse, WI
  • Mark Mathewson, ESRL/GSD
  • Bob Rood, NWS Office of Science and Technology
  • Mark Tew, NWS Marine and Coastal Weather Services Branch
  • Herbert White, NWS Awareness Branch
  • Shannon White, NWS Training Division

Congratulations to GSD's Greg Pratt and Lynn Sherretz along with NWS staff Tony Hall, Kristine Nelson, Jeffrey Osiensky, and Christopher Strager for receiving a 2006 NOAA Bronze Medal. The award is in recognition for their work in developing the Volcanic Ash Collaboration Tool, a new tool which provides forecasting capabilities during volcanic eruptions and is essential to preventing volcanic ash damage to lives and property.

Sara Summers was part of the team that received a NOAA Bronze Medal in 2006 for demonstrating the usefulness of unmanned aircraft systems in accomplishing NOAA's mission, including operational research goals. Congratulations to her and her team members:

  • James Churnside
  • James Elkins
  • David Fahey
  • Albin Gasiewski
  • Samuel Oltmans
  • Karen Rosenlof
  • Michael Aslaksen
  • Jon Sellars
  • Todd Jacobs