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NWS CONOPS Testing Commences

Today (Monday, 11 September) marks the start of a month-long testing period for the NWS Concept of Operations (CONOPS) at ESRL's Global Systems Division (GSD). This exercise will focus on demonstrating the required hardware, software, and infrastructure needed to support further field testing of this "clustered peer" proposal.

A "clustered peer" is a group of equal offices from NOAA that collaborate with each other to deliver NOAA products and services through this new concept of operations for the digital era.

In August of 2005, the NWS Corporate Board chartered a CONOPS Initiative Team to develop the realization of the "clustered peer" and other guiding principles that include:

  • performance during high-impact events
  • digital database – deterministic and probabilistic products
  • partnership across government, academic, and private sectors
  • a full array of environmental services
  • resilient service delivery system

NWS field staff will join GSD in this pre-prototype lab exercise throughout the month to determine if the NWS can provide a greater focus on high-impact events such as severe weather, while maintaining local expertise and an improved quality for the work life of NWS employees. Questions will be answered on how the development team can best gain efficiencies while improving service.

GSD developed an evaluation plan for conducting this real-time exercise. Feedback from it will be used as input for future refinements to each component of the system before the next phase of prototyping in 2007.

Moving forward in order to remain relevant and effective in the Nation's ever-changing weather enterprise is the steering component of this collaborative effort. It will allow NOAA to meet society's diverse and expanding needs for weather-related information and to improve the accuracy and timeliness of our prediction capabilities and services.

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