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Science On a Sphere® Installed at the Bishop Museum

A team from the Global Systems Division's Technology Outreach Branch installed NOAA's Science On a Sphere® (SOS®) at the Bishop Museum during the week of February 20th. The Bishop Museum, located in Honolulu, Hawaii, is one of the five largest natural history museums in the United States, providing exhibits on science and culture to over 325,000 students and general visitors annually. It will develop and implement informal educational programs using SOS® as the vehicle to stimulate interest in the sciences with emphasis on Hawaiian activities. In addition to programming special events, the museum plans to partner with NOAA's Pacific Services Center to provide lectures featuring NOAA scientists.

Mike Shanahan, Director of Education for Bishop Museum is excited about Bishop Museum being the recipient of one of four NOAA Environmental Literacy Grants established for the SOS® activity. "We're thrilled that NOAA has provided us with this great new educational opportunity for both Hawaii's schoolchildren and Bishop Museum visitors," said Shanahan. He looks forward to working with Bill Thomas, Director of NOAA's Pacific Service Center to develop new ways of presenting science to a wide range of audiences.

The first opportunity for the general public to view this dramatic new exhibit at the Bishop Museum will be on March 11 during the museum's second annual "Mad About Science" festival.

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