ESRL Global Systems Division

2006 GSD Web Awards Announced

Name: Jeff Smith (AB)
Web Site: Java Zone – Best New Site

The Java Zone site was created to be a supplement to Jeff's Java class for ESRL, but it has turned into a valuable resource for many GSD developers who aren't in the class. The site is fun, clever, and user-friendly. Powerpoint training slides, Java programming exercises, downloads, links, and a "fun stuff" category are all provided. Jeff's well-designed and well-coded site is GSD's Best New Site of 2006.

Name: Dave Himes, Harry Chen, and Beth Russell (TOB)
Web Site: Science On a Sphere – Most Improved Site

TOB's Hollings Scholarship student Beth Russell worked all summer long on getting the SOS data catalog online in collaboration with Harry Chen who created online videos for each of the datasets. The new catalog led to a whole site overhaul, led by Dave Himes. The new version of the site greatly expands on previously available content and information that is easy to navigate and easy to understand. Coded by GSD's webmaster, Ali Zimmerman, the new site uses the ESRL templating structure (although it has its own unique look and feel) and is 100% accessible. Beth, Harry, and Dave, with appreciation to Ali, receive the award for GSD's Most Improved Web Site of 2006.

Name: Jennifer Valdez and Gregg Phillips (ITS)
Web Site: OTRS (ESRL Help) – Best Product

GSD's new help system, OTRS, was implemented earlier this year. Jennifer Valdez and Gregg Phillips have been diligently working on the functionality and improving the user interface so the system can be used at the ESRL level. The new system has built-in ticket tracking, responses, and automatic e-mails. It has greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of ITS and other technology services. The open-source software has given GSD the ability to customize the system to our own needs. Jennifer and Gregg have gone above and beyond to make OTRS GSD's Best Product Web Site of 2006.