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FSL Scientists Present Papers at 85th AMS Annual Meeting

Scientists from the NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) presented 14 papers at the 85th American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting January 9 - 13, 2005 in San Diego. The broad theme of this year's meeting was "Building the Earth Information System" and the role that science can play in decision-making for society. The AMS Annual Meeting offers FSL researchers and developers, who have been building meteorological systems for years, the opportunity to present and discuss their works with peers from around the world. The presentations covered research and technology activities in FSL's four primary areas of focus, as follows.

1. Atmospheric Observing Systems

  • Patricia Miller, "An update on MADIS observation ingest integration, quality control, and distribution capabilities." (Miller, Barth, and Benjamin; PDF version)
  • Seth Gutman, "Quality control of radiosonde moisture observations." (Gutman, Facundo, and Helms; PDF)
  • Dr. Yuanfu Xie, "Application of GPS slant water vapor tomography to an IHOP storm case with simple constraints." (Xie, Braun, MacDonald, and Ware; PDF) He also chaired the AMS session on Assimilation Techniques and Their Evaluation.
  • Douglas van de Kamp, "Tracking NWS Area Forecast Discussions to study the subjective use of wind and temperature profiler data." (van de Kamp and Grant; PDF)
  • FSL director Dr. Alexander E. MacDonald and senior scientist Dr. Thomas Schlatter assisted in chairing the AMS session on Climate Observing Systems.

2. Modeling Development and Improvement

  • Dr. Steve Peckham, "Simultaneous prediction of weather and air quality during NEAQS 2004 using the WRF-Chemistry Model." (Peckham, Grell, McKeen, Frost, and Wilczak; PDF)

3. Environmental Information Systems

  • Carl Bullock, "Future forecast workstations/systems." (PDF)
  • Herb Grote, "An advanced Linux prototype of AWIPS." (Grote, Davis, Bullock, and Tuell; PDF)
  • Sher Schranz, "FX-Net: Integrating air chemistry and weather data for research and operations." (Schranz, Stewart, Polster, and Wang; PDF)
  • Tracy Hansen, "Multipass processing for automatic text forecast generation." (Hansen and LeFebvre; PDF)
  • William Roberts, "Examples of GFESuite and D2D use in operations during 2004." (Roberts and Cheatwood; PDF)

4. Computer Architecture Investigations

  • Darien Davis, "Investigations using NOMADS in an AWIPS environment." (Davis, Grote, Bullock, Kent, Edwards, Ramer, Mandel, Tuell, and Hopkins; PDF)
  • Chris MacDermaid, "Architecture of MADIS data processing and distribution at FSL." (MacDermaid, Lipschutz, Hildreth, Ryan, Stanley, Barth, and Miller; PDF)
  • Robert Lipschutz, "Recent advances in the FSL Central Facility data systems." (Lipschutz and MacDermaid; PDF)
  • Paul Hamer, "FSL Central Facility data system concepts." (PDF)

These and other papers on the topics above are available at the FSL Publications Website.

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