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Nita Fullerton Receives 2004 NOAA Research Employee of the Year Award

On February 25, Nita Fullerton will attend a ceremony at the NOAA Science Center in Silver Spring to receive the 2004 NOAA Research Employee of the Year Award. She will join ten other employees from different areas of NOAA who were also selected for this award. As Writer/Editor of the Forecast Systems Laboratory, Ms. Fullerton communicates information about FSL's scientific research and technology transfer to the public, academia, and research communities.

Describing and disseminating the news of our scientific enterprise is a crucial job. Indeed, the future of FSL and all of NOAA's research is assured only if we can effectively tell our story. Nita's responsibilities range from publishing the annual report, FSL in Review , and a scientific newsletter, FSL Forum , to editing 60 - 80 journal/conference papers, technical memoranda/reports, project fliers, and posters each year. All of these print media are excellent ways of informing NOAA's customers of FSL's current research and development advancements, technologies that benefit operational weather forecasters, research scientists, and educators alike.

Asked her response to receiving this award, Nita replies, "I'm deeply honored to receive this award, especially since so many others in FSL deserve the same. During the last 22 years, I've been privileged to work with very dedicated scientists and support staff. Their enthusiasm and productivity, whether developing atmospheric models or computer systems, have resulted in many successful programs. One of my biggest challenges is simply keeping up with their progress on the dozens of projects underway at the laboratory. It is also a great pleasure to work with NOAA and FSL outreach and public affairs specialists who discuss our science one-on-one or arrange for newscast coverage."

FSL activities include 1) bringing new atmospheric observing systems to maturity, 2) developing and improving regional mesoscale models for detailed weather predictions, 3) investigating parallel computer architectures as a vehicle for handling the huge computational demands of environmental models, and 4) developing environmental information systems for a variety of customers within and outside NOAA.

Contact: Rhonda Lange, Visitor Information Specialist, FSL
Tel: (303) 497-6045