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NOAA Science On a Sphere™ Featured Attraction at AMS

Everyone agrees that NOAA Science On a Sphere™ (SOS) was a tremendous success at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Long Beach, California, held February 9-13, 2003. Approximately 2000 attendees took the time to see the half-hour presentations by NOAA scientists who explained the NOAA satellite and model imagery displayed on the sphere.

NOAA Science On a Sphere™ attracted many people beginning on Sunday at the Second Annual WeatherFest, a science and weather fair dedicated to teaching the fascinating field of meteorology and oceanography. Students, teachers, and families participated in WeatherFest which had several components, including science presentations, hands-on experiments, and an exhibit hall full of resources. Throughout the day they attended the SOS presentations and were mesmerized as they entered the drape-darkened room and imagined that they were gazing upon the Earth from 22,000 miles above the planet's surface. Viewers got to see the topography and bathymetry as they looked at the sphere through 3-D glasses and watched infrared satellite imagery as it showed the Earth's dynamic atmosphere and weather patterns. Some returned later with a friend or other family member to view it again.

Those attracted to NOAA Science On a Sphere™ during the conference included Vice Adm. Lautenbacher, Scott Rayder, Jamie Krauk, and other NOAA management officials. Special showings were arranged for foreign dignitaries, Weather News, Inc., AMS management, Northrop Grumman, and a NMFS group and staff from the Long Beach Aquarium. Several different times were arranged for filming by the Weather Channel, and the Associated Press photographed and gathered information about SOS. More information about SOS can be found at the SOS website.

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