ESRL Global Systems Division

IFPS Workshop in Boulder

The National Weather Service Western Region Headquarters and FSL cohosted the first IFPS (Integrated Forecast Preparation System) Methodology Workshop at FSL on January 14-16, 2003. The topics covered included the latest updates on the National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) efforts, software plans, and some of the best methodologies.

Participants were very active in contributing and presenting methodologies used at field offices. The group included Science and Operations Officers (SOOs), IFPS Focal Points, Lead Forecasters, and Regional Program Managers. All of the Western Region Weather Forecast Offices were represented, along with other offices participating from the Pacific Region, Alaska Region, Central Region, and Southern Region.

The workshop featured a session in which each participating forecast office presented an example of its best methodology or technique for producing some portion of the digital forecast. The goal was to expose all participants to the best techniques practiced at each office. In general, each presentation was followed with helpful discussions on the benefits and limitations of each methodology. All participants agreed that the workshop was a very worthwhile exchange of ideas and information. Several FSL developers also made presentations to inform forecasters of currently available and upcoming IFPS features that could aid the NWS Regions in generating digital forecasts. The agenda and many of the files and documents are available at the workshop agenda website.

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