ESRL Global Systems Division

Demonstration Division of the Forecast Systems Lab Collaborates with the EPA

The Demonstration Division will be collaborating with the EPA on their upcoming "Eastern Supersites Program" for the month of July, 2001. Our support will be provided in the form of important data sets from the Division's NOAA Profiler Network and GPS-Met Water Vapor Demonstration Network.

Data to be provided will consist of hourly and sub-hourly profiles of upper-air wind speed, direction and temperature; surface measurements of temperature, wind, humidity, pressure; and measurements of total integrated precipitable water vapor. Data will come from approximately 90 locations. We will be carefully monitoring our networks during July to ensure the greatest amount of data for the EPA. Data will be archived on CD-ROMs for delivery to the EPA for post analysis. The EPA will be using this set of meteorological data to further understand the transport of particulates in the atmosphere.

The EPA "Supersites" program is a set of special studies extending beyond the national air quality regulatory networks for particulate matter (PM). Included in the program objectives is to accelerate the testing of advanced PM sampling methods and provide additional information useful for health risk assessments of PM.

The creation of the "Supersites" program was spurred by the recommendation of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Particulate Matter which urged EPA to address priority health and exposure related research needs.

The cooperation between the two federal agencies of NOAA and EPA will be noted in a final report for the Congressional Air Quality Research Subcommittee of the Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources (CENR).

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