ESRL Global Systems Division

2001 FSL Web Awards

The FSL Web Awards serve to highlight the excellent work being done by FSL staff in making effective use of technology. This year's awards are in four categories:

Best Internal Use

The Hardware Assets Management System (HAMS; ) is used by all systems administrators, network staff, and staff responsible for procurement, property tracking, and maintenance. HAMS, whose Web interface refers to an elaborate Oracle database, was developed by Mark Andersen of the Facility Division. Using HAMS, technical staff can quickly examine the configuration of computer equipment, determine its maintenance status, and provide specific information about equipment, including location, user, model, etc.

Best Help System

Working round-the-clock shifts, it is difficult for members of the Central Facility operations staff to communicate effectively. The Systems Support Group Website, ) , is a repository for information on troubleshooting and supporting the FSL Central Facility systems. Developed by Art Urban, Jonathan Auerbach, Huming Han, Michael Stephenson, Peter Rahm-Coffey, and Yeng Her, this site helps ensure a high level of operational availability for Central Facility systems.

Most Improved

By incorporating MySQL, Bill Moninger of the Forecast Research Division significantly improved the speed of access to verification statistics on the Real Time Verification System (RTVS) site. An example of the improved system is at , which you can compare to the previous version at . The improved performance is a boon to FSL scientists, our collaborators at AWC and NCAR, and the aviation user community.

Best Product

The High Performance Computing System (HPCS) information site, , was developed by Lee Cohen of the Facility Division. It contains information about the FSL HPCS, otherwise known as Jet. Included are forms to apply for projects and accounts, links to a FAQ, and other information. Within the HPCS tree are descriptions of all the projects using Jet and those that are under review, allowing the Jet External Project Review Board to examine prospective projects on-line.