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23 Nov 09
ESRL's SOS Featured at COP15

Leaders and climate experts from around the world will be meeting in Copenhagen Denmark from December 7-18 at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) to address one of the world's greatest challenges: nations collectively dealing with climate change. ESRL's Science On a Sphere® will be featured throughout the two weeks.

12 Nov 09
ESRL Technology at Emergency Managers Conference

ESRL's technical demonstration of the Geo-Targeted Altering System (GTAS) at the Annual International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Conference held November 2 was received with enthusiasm.

9 Nov 09
ESRL Co-Hosts NOAA SOS® Users Collaborative Network Workshop

The third NOAA Science On a Sphere® Users Collaborative Network workshop will be held November 17-19. The workshop will facilitate work to optimize utilization of SOS systems and to provide educational messages to informal science audiences.

5 Nov 09
ESRL Engages Stakeholders for Future Hazardous Weather Information Services

GSD hosted a workshop Oct 27-29 to improve the National Weather Service Integrated Hazard Information Services. The workshop focused on the challenging endeavor to transition the current hazard program from a paradigm of issuing products to one of decision support.

19 Oct 09
Speeding Up Science Using GPUs

Researchers at GSD recently ran a large portion of the Non-hydrostatic Icosahedral Model (NIM) on a Graphical Processing Unit. The model ran twenty-five times faster on the GPU than the CPU. This line of research will allow NOAA scientists to continue developing weather and climate prediction models that use next-generation HPC systems to produce more timely and accurate forecasts.

1 Oct 09
MADIS Reaches Milestone in its Transition to Operations

ESRL's Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS) met a major milestone in its transition of real-time capabilities to operations when its ingest and distribution hardware and software were installed at the National Weather Service (NWS) Telecommunications Operations Center (TOC).

22 Sep 09
ESRL's New HPCS Now Working to Improve Hurricane Forecasts

ESRL/GSD's latest High Performance Computing System (HPCS) has passed acceptance criteria and entered into full production use. This system, named nJet, supports the computational requirements of the Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project (HFIP) whose goal is to improve the accuracy and timeliness of hurricane forecasts.

18 Sep 09
A New Cluster Data System for GSD's Central Facility

A new six-host computing cluster, dubbed the Data Systems Group (DSG) Cluster (DC), was recently commissioned in GSD's Central Facility. The DC establishes a reliable, capable, and highly scalable architecture for meeting substantial and ever-growing data ingest and processing requirements at GSD.

13 Aug 09
OAR/NESDIS Collaborations on Water in the Climate System

A recent meeting including representatives from ESRL, NCDC, and two NOAA Joint Institutes discussed collaborations between OAR and NESDIS on the topic of water in the climate system.

3 Aug 09
ESRL's Geo-targeted Alerting System Installed at First Pilot Sites

The Geo-Targeted Alerting System (GTAS) has been installed at the first pilot sites in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. NWS forecasters and local Emergency Operations officials can run a NOAA-developed dispersion model and collaborate on alerting the public to airborne threats.

22 Jul 09
NOAA Taking Lead Role in Renewable Energy Meeting

At the American Meteorological Society's summer meeting, ESRL's Betsy Weatherhead is serving as co-chair of a portion of the meeting addressing renewable energy.

29 May 09
Science on a Sphere® in France

The first permanent European installation of NOAA's Science On a Sphere® has been dubbed "Globaloscope" by the City of Sciences and Industry Museum in Paris where it will be on display in an exhibition called "Objective Earth: The Revolution of the Satellites."

30 Apr 09
NOAA Featured in Second Life Case Study

NOAA's Second Life presence has been featured in a case study by Linden Lab, creators of the world's leading 3D virtual world environment.

10 Apr 09
HRRR Hourly-Updated 3-km Storm-Resolving Forecasts Now Cover US East of Rockies

The High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR), an hourly 3-km convective-scale model initialized from the radar-assimilating Rapid Update Cycle (RUC), now covers the eastern two-thirds of the contiguous United States.

7 Apr 09
ESRL's Strong Presence at Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds

ESRL's Eric Hackathorn will represent NOAA at the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds' 2nd Annual Conference.

31 Mar 09
ESRL's VACT Aids Anchorage Forecasters During Mount Redoubt Eruptions

The GSD-developed Volcanic Ash Coordination Tool (VACT) is being used in real time for all of Mount Redoubt's recent eruptions to determine location, areal extent, and movement of ash.

30 Mar 09
ESRL Observations Now Used in NWS Operational Tool

GSD-developed GPS water vapor observations are combined with satellite estimates in a new Blended Total Precipitable Water product. This allows NWS forecasters to better anticipate and forecast heavy rain and flooding events.

9 Mar 09
First Public SphereCast on ESRL's SOS®

On April 1, climate change researcher Stephen Schneider will use ESRL's Science on a Sphere® to illustrate a talk broadcast to museums around the world.

6 Feb 09
FEMA Funding ESRL in GTAS Pilot Project

ESRL's Global Systems Division will receive funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for a proposed project involving the Geo-Targeted Alerting System (GTAS).

5 Jan 09
NOAA Presence at NASA Dryden Global Hawk Event

The first non-military Global Hawk Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) will be flown from Edwards Air Force Base starting 15 January.

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