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Data Systems Group (DSG)
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ESRL Global Systems Division

Who We Are

The Data Systems Group supports projects throughout GSD, for which the
group provides a broad range of services, including:

  • global data acquisition, translation and storage;
  • distribution to external clients (ftp, LDM, and web services);
  • HSMS (MSS and HPSS) storage and migration support;
  • notification services;
  • real-time monitoring and troubleshooting;
  • webmaster;
  • asset tracking and management (ATAMS); and
  • much more.

We envision that DSG's metadata services will only expand and further establish DSG's key role in providing data services to GSD, NOAA, and the weather community.


Chris MacDermaid 2
Project Manager

Bob Lipschutz 2
Production Control Manager

Leslie Ewy 2
Patrick Hildreth 2
Glen Pankow2
Randy Pierce 2
Richard Ryan 2
MarySue Schultz 2
Amenda Stanley 2
Jennifer Valdez2

1=ACEInfo, 2=CIRA, 3=CIRES