RSA-related Papers

These are some recent papers and presentations describing aspects of FSL's RSA work.

D. Davis, T. Wilfong, B. Shaw, K. Winters, and W. Schmeiser, 2002: Tailoring the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) for Space Launch Range Support. This paper presents an overview of the RSA weather support work. (PDF version)

Brent L. Shaw, Steven C. Albers, John A. McGinley, Linda S. Wharton, Timothy L. Wilfong, Christy L. Crosiar, and Dewey E. Harms, 2002: A completely integrated, cost-effective, local data assimilation and forecasting system to support space launch range operations (PDF). This paper outlines the work being done for the local analysis and modeling component of the RSA weather system.

Joseph S. Wakefield, Philip A. McDonald, MarySue Schultz, Xiangbao Jing, and James E. Ramer, 2004: Processing and Display of Atmospheric Electricity Data to Support Launch Operations at the Eastern Range. (PDF version)

J. Wakefield, 2005: Presentation slides from Apr 05 FSL Technical Review of SDD workstation projects.

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