Clay's notes:
    Provide the Neuman Pfeiffer (spelling?) Index source code.

Status: Hal Herring provided me a soft copy of the source code through Mr. Richard Kulow. I will forward to SPO, LMMS, and FSL on 22 July.

    Provide 30 minutes of field mill data in ASCII format. Coordinate with Al Dianic since he is implementing ERDAS like displays and alert monitoring functions as sub to FSL.

Is Flash Data required from LPLWS?


Provide LPLWS display color and LCC timer

Status: Johnny Weems is capturing the ASCII data from MIDDS as well as the LPLWS displays and LCC timer. I will forward to SPO, LMMS, and FSL, target date 26 July. Plan to provide response to flash data with LDAR questions, see # 7 below.

    Microburst Day Potential Index, do we require a display chart or just the index value?

Status: Per coordination with Mr. Roeder, a display is required. A sample display from MIDDS will be provided, data captured from MIDDS, plan to provide 22 July.

    Provide sample of point data.

Status: Data is captured from MIDDS, plan to provide 22 July.

    Provide sample X-Y plots.

Status: Data is captured from MIDDS, plan to provide 22 July.

    Provide launch complex 37 location.

Status: Plan to provide 22 July.

    We had a side meeting with the individual developing the LDAR display. He had a number of questions. A summary of the information he requested follows:
- Replay-ability -- whatever is in database

- Area Coverage (distance across map)

- Grid size w/in data block--resolution of data (Bins)

- Temporal Resolution

- Binned and Displayed--time amounts

- CGLSS on LDAR display

- Scale Ht: 50Kft

- Histogram colors match LDAR charge data point colors

- Histogram:

Status: Will coordinate in-house to answer these questions. Target date: August 2.

Summary points from FSL Meeting, 9 - 12 July 02


- Tower has two data loggers

- Can draw on briefing tool

Patrice's notes:

Tall Towers (313):
    Have wind barb only display
    Create design files to allow user configurable plots
    Include pull-right menus of Tower Plots for each height.
    Create profile (time series) presentation
    Merge 915 with 50 mHz in LAPS analysis
    Create a "Complete Profiler" which has mini-sodar, 915 and 50 mHz

Range Rings Tool:
    Remove ID from radius labels
    Add #37 launch pad - get info from Johnny
    Make "Point Menu" in moveable section open when you open "New At"
    Do not allow multiple occurences of this tool to run when you change scale.

    Get configurable fields (and thresholds) to put in meteogram groupings
    Label vertical axis with units and product label
    Be able to set day and night thresholds - possibly with a script or tool
    Need delta-T for Time Series - overlay 24 hour changes
    Need wind direction as a variable
    Make blue or grey backgrounds for CCTV
    Make sample output away from plotted data - don't cover data up.
    If data are missing, set up a design file not to put out a table in sampling.
    Verify labels for observation sites and locations.
    Make inset maps larger and able to toggle off
    Add global line width control to D2D Toolbar.

2-Sensor Towers:
    Need to see both sensors - especially for maintenence people.

Briefing Tool:
    Configure window manager to rid of blue space on left side.
    Verify that same color tables and map backgrounds as D2D are used.
    Slides need spacing between text lines.
    Need to be able to annotate animated data (be able to draw and analyze each frame)
        and svae in a Slide Show.
    Be able to capture whole model suite in a Procedure, but have one prog per bundle.
    Load multiple models in sequence.
Field Mill:
    Need graphics from Johnny

New Items:
    Need to display peak power from RSA profilers(in VBrowser) to see mixing layer
    "DevDeg" is standard deviation of wind divergence and is an observed value for low level turbulence
    Anvil Tool (AMU developed) - need GUI to enter which balloon; possibly use DGM files
    Drawing Light paths (approach paths, trajectories) on AWIPS - create GUI utility to create maps or ingest maps from
    RSA Users Manual URL to ER folks; send tar file of UM to ER for their server
    Shadow LWO's and forecasters during routine and pre-launch scenarios, daily wx briefings, and NASA briefings (soon) to
learn about operations and to plan for user training.
    Set up systematic evaluation collection (online surveys, etc)
    Put UM on Help button
 3D Lightning:
      Make 4 panels larger.
      To denote age, use 5 different colors, one for each minute - red, green, blue, yellow, cyan were recommended by ER.
      Allow user to toggle between 4 panel and just 3D panel.
      When slicing through the data, highlight the data with contours.
      Data should auto-update and be able to do continuous looping.
      Design a realtime histogram (time v. step leader count).  They really depend on this display.
      Make histogram age off to the right.
      Use 1-minute time bins. (ER will verify this if they want shorter.)
      Extend histogram to 5 minutes in length.
      Use above colors to match minute by minute age of data.
      Build in a scrollbar to view past 30 minutes of data.

CGLSS (LLP) data: (These data display ground stroke polarity) These data will be on D2D also:
      Merge CGLSS with LDAR on 3D display.
      Show as large + and - that blink in red for the first minute and then fade off on plan view.
      Retain CGLSS on othr panels for 5 minutes.
      Create a histogram of time v. % of polarity in 5minute bins. (ER folks will confirm this idea before we design anything.)

      Indicate start/end times on GUI and on 3D panel only.
      Remove raw data counts.
Overflow Bins:  There are times when the electrical charging of clouds is occurring just off the display, especially when they
are zoomed in.  On current system, user can see these "fringe" data in an outside border. This needs to be replicated at least in
the plan view panel.
      Allow zooming over a selected center point.
      Indicate distances and static range rings.  Use "Rainbow Rings" from D2D.
      Allow infinite zoom control rather than discrete distances.

      Include a Lost Data (red/green - possibly blinking) Indicator that communicates with the data server.  Will need MarySue's
    help with this.   If in replay mode, make clock on GUI panel different color or change above indicator blue or yellow.

Flight Path:
      Need ability to create flight paths because they change often.
Vertical Scale:
      Make fixed at 50,000 feet AGL.
Horizontal Scale:
      Make 250 nautical mile radius around Cape centroid.
DRT or Playback:
      Need for demos and training
      Put DRT and realttime buttons on GUI
    Red and green are not great colors for CCTV; need to test these out.

Darien's notes:

          source code for Neumann-Pfeffer Index
          provide pix of tall towers display
          provide pix of lplws display

          investigate GINI sector for Caribbean

          Send std-dev for display algorithm

          Make surface, 30'-60' level on plan view
          Add time series on every level on tall tower
          Make all local data in feet, nautical miles
          Add label on vertical axis on meteorgram
          Turn off sampling of data if missing
          Peak speed/dir for 5 min, 10 min on 1 min sample
          Peak speed/dir for 10 min on 5 min sample
          Schedule site visit for installation
          Range rings are nautical miles

                  full CONUS
                  rename regional - SEUS
                  rename "State(s)" - FL
                  add Caribbean scale (include Antigua,gulf)
                  Atlantic scale -- move 10 degrees west (all the way
                  to Texas coast and Ascension Islands)
                  Carribean -- use GOES-E
                  Sample images of satellite (Puerto Rico) to Clay
                  Remove Pacific Rim
                  Remove Marshall Island
                  Remove South Pacific
                  Investigate drawing flight path

          Spec out
                  lunar rise/set with pic of moon
                  select location using ICAO
                  Add time variables to text display
                  toggle of insert map
                  global line width
                  scope modify background color
                  Add "cape scale" to briefing tool
                  Add EU metars (look at SFMG)
                  Auto-scale overlaying same units
                          o rescale dynamic as needed
                          o vertical scale spec -- user specify vertical scale
                  Sampling decoded maritime data
                  fused profiler dislay (mini sodar/915/50 on one display)

          Make sure the Peak speed/dir info is in user manual
          send URL for 5.2.1 user manual

          Point data displays to Darien
          X-Y plots to Darien
          LDAR/CGLSS issues (Kathy list to Darien)