Build 5.2.2 (November 2002)

Task Status
ER localization 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- export to D2D to briefing tool 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- multi-color range ring background 5.2.2a
Range Ring upgrades 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- RedHat 7.2 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- AWIPS 5.2.2 5.2.2a
Level II radar ingest  
Level III radar ingest 5.2.2g
Informix and text workstation 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- split LDAD data sets into different directories 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- Tabular text thresholding 5.2.2a
Tall Tower ingest and display 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- RedHat 7.3 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- new templates for ER briefings 5.2.2a
Documentation for 5.2.2a delivery 2/5/03

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