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Motivations for workshop

The purpose of the LAPS workshop is to engage the user community in current and future issues involving LAPS. Presentations are invited on all aspects of LAPS, including its operational use for nowcasting. Invited talks and breakout sessions will focus on the current status of LAPS, short-term model applications, IT issues, and future applications. There will also be hands-on LAPS training. Further training opportunities will be available at the end of the week after the formal workshop.

Workshop Report

A Meeting Summary containing an overview of the LAPS workshop was published in BAMS.

Feb 2012, AMS publication documents our 2010 workshop: Toth, Z., S. Albers, Y. Xie, 2012: Analysis of fine-scale weather phenomena. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 93 3pp. abstract