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ESRL Global Systems Division

Poster Session for LAPS Workshop

  1. Comparison of LAPS analyses with EUMETSAT products for the characterization of cloud cover and instability indices in Mediterranean tropical-like cyclonesDario Conte (ISAC-CNR), Steve Albers (ESRL/CIRA), et. al.
  2. Local Analysis and Prediction System (LAPS) Technology TransferSteve Albers (ESRL/CIRA), Brent Shaw (WDT), Ed Szoke (ESRL/CIRA)
  3. Status and Outlook of Taiwan Hot-Start Forecast SystemWei-Peng Huang et. al. (Taiwan Central Weather Bureau)
  4. Case study comparisons of LAPS, STMAS and other analysis schemesEd Szoke (ESRL/CIRA), Steve Albers (ESRL/CIRA), Yuanfu Xie (ESRL)
  5. A QPE Product with Blended Gage Observations and High-Resolution WRF Ensemble Model Output: Comparison with Analyses and Verification During the HMT-ARBEd Tollerud (ESRL), et. al.