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ESRL Global Systems Division

The Forecast Applications Branch at NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory and the National Weather Service are pleased to announce the 2nd LAPS User Workshop to be held at ESRL in Boulder, Colorado from October 23-25th, 2012, Tuesday through Thursday. Informal follow on discussions and training (optional) can take place Friday October 26.


October 23-25, 2012
Boulder, Colorado

David Skaggs Research Center GC402


Most presentations are in .ppt or .pptx format. If .pdf is available, it is noted.

Tuesday, October 23:
  1. Registration and Sign-in
  2. Welcome Sandy MacDonald / John Schneider
  3. NWS Welcome and Comments (.pdf version) Mark Tew
  4. Workshop Overview (.pdf version) Dan Birkenheuer
  5. Review Recommendations from Last Workshop (.pdf version) Zoltan Toth
  6. Recent Updates to LAPS (.pdf version) Steve Albers
  7. Discussion
  8. Break
  9. Statistical Evaluation of the LAPS Over GreecePetro Katsafodos
  10. Dropped - Multi-scale Approach to Ensemble Kalman Filter Using Multi-Resolution Model Kayo Ide
  11. LAPS Operational Usage at FMI, Recent Updates and Modifications (.pdf version)Erik Gregow
  12. Discussion
  13. Lunch and Poster Set-Up
  14. Cloud analysis using LAPS in SerbiaJelena Markovic and Borivoj Rajkovic
  15. Recent and future developments in Europe with LAPS system
  16.      coupled with regional NWP modelsV. Capecchi, et. al.
  17. Development of Korea Local Radar Processing System (KLRPS) for Korea Local Analysis
  18.      and Prediction System and its impact on very short range forecastKwangDeuk Ahn, et. al.
  19. Clouds and Solar Radiation in LAPS (.pdf version) Steve Albers
  20. Mesoscale Analysis and Simulation of Beijing 7.21 Heavy Rainstorm Event by LAPS
  21. (.pdf version)Chunguang Cui
  22. Application and Research of LAPS on Heavy Rainfall in ChinaHongli Li
  23. Discussion
  24. Reflectivity Assimilation Using Cloud Analysis and Ensemble Kalman Filter (.pdf version)Ming Xue
  25. Poster Session
  26. Community Development of LAPS (.pdf version)Ligia Bernardet
  27. Ensemble HMT Results (.pdf version)Rob Cifelli
  28. Talk open
  29. Discussion
  30. Adjourn
  31. Ice Breaker at Carelli's - 30th & Baseline
  32. Group Dinner
Wednesday, October 24:
  1. LAPS Workshop Opening Remarks (.pdf version)John Schneider
  2. Satellite Plans (.pdf version)Dan Birkenheuer
  3. Variational LAPS (.pdf version)Yuanfu Xie
  4. Direct Assimilation of GPS Signal Delays into Variational LAPS (STMAS) adn GSI (.pdf version)
  5. Seth Gutman & Yuanfu Xie
  6. Discussion
  7. Break
  8. Densification and Autonomization of Geodetic GPS Stations in Southern California
  9. Capable of Producing Tropospheric Delay and Precipitable Water Vapor Measurements,
  10. to Improve Forecasting of Severe Weather (.pdf version)Angelyn Moore
  11. Hazardous Weather Testbed (HWT) Activities of 2012, and Plans for 2013 (.pdf version)Hongli Jiang
  12. Windsor Tornado and Forecast Initialiazation (.pdf version)Hongli Jiang
  13. Report from Regions and WFOs (.pdf version)Dan Baumgardt - NWS
  14. Discussion
  15. Lunch / Photo
  16. Very Short-Range Prediction System of KMA:KLAPSYong Hee Lee
  17. LAPS, AWIPS 2, and the Short-Term Forecast Update (.pdf version)Nezette Rydell
  18. LAPS in AWIPS 2 & GUI Plans (.pdf version)Linda Wharton / Paula McCaslin
  19. Discussion and Charges for Breakout Groups
  20. Break
  21. Breakout 1
  22. Initial Report from Breakouts -
  23. Initial Report from Breakout 1 (.pdf version)
  24. Initial Report from Breakout 2 (.pdf version)
  25. Initial Report from Breakout 3 (.pdf version)
  26. Adjourn
Thursday October 25:
  1. AWIPS 2 LAPS Training Overview (.pdf version)Michael Magsig
  2. International and Domestic Applications of LAPS at Weather Decision Technologies (.pdf version)
  3. Brent Shaw
  4. Fire Weather Applications (.pdf version)Sher Schranz / Hongli Jiang
  5. Use of STMAS by MIT Lincoln Laboratory in FAA Operational ProductsFrank Robasky
  6. Discussion
  7. Break
  8. Data Ingest and New DataSteve Albers and Yuanfu Xie
  9. NOAA Satellite PG Fire Weather Demonstration Project at WFO Boulder (.pdf version)Brian Motta
  10. A WRF-based Weather Running Esitmate-Nowcast Tool for Army Applications (.pdf version)Bob Dumais
  11. Cloud Analysis from Satellite Observations in WRF Data AssimilationTom Auligne
  12. Discussion
  13. Lunch / SOS Demo
  14. Breakout 2
  15. Break
  16. Wrap-Up Reports
  17. Wrap-Up Report Breakout 1 (.pdf version)
  18. Wrap-Up Report Breakout 2 (.pdf version)
  19. Wrap-Up Report Breakout 3 (.pdf version)
  20. Adjourn