ESRL Global Systems Division

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

About the Project:

Pirep Applet ADDS is a Web-based real-time aviation weather dissemination system ( ADDS provides aviation decision-makers (pilots and dispatchers) with easy to use real-time access to the latest operational aviation weather observations and forecasts. Users can view and retrieve aviation weather in a variety of formats that they can tailor to fit their individual needs. The user can view and print text products and pregenerated graphics products, or interactively query the ADDS site by running Java applets.

ADDS developers rapidly release new and improved aviation weather products to the aviation community by involving the end-user at an early stage in the development cycle. User feedback from the ADDS Advanced User Group, the ADDS Forum, and e-mail determines design decisions and product usability. This means that end-users are involved in the requirements phase and determine whether a product is useful by accessing it during the experimental portion of the development cycle. The end-user determines the needs and when they have been met.

The section worked jointly with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the Aviation Weather Center to add functionality and support the ADDS Website. ADDS is funded through the Managing Aviation Projects Section by the FAA Aviation Weather Research Program.

Work on this project will continue through the Managing Aviation Projects Section

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