ESRL Global Systems Division

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) Project History

Operational Adds, September 2003

  • Work continued on moving the operational support and maintenance of ADDS to developers and technicians at the Aviation Weather Center (AWC).
  • On September 30, 2003, AWC officially started operational support of the ADDS project.
  • A new ADDS experimental web site was created.
  • Work continued in the support and updates to products on the operational ADDS.
  • Work started on an ADDS flight path tool application to handle all the current ADDS applet capabilities. The new Flight Path Tool Application will be designed to:
    • Allow users to view all ADDS weather products from one tool.
    • Allow users to set default attributes for the tool. Example default attributes are: colors, map backgrounds, data to display, and zoom level.
    • Provide quicker load times by placing the executables on the user's machine
    • Decrease maintenance costs associated with applet technology being tied to browser technology.

2002 Accomplishments

  • Work continued on moving the operational support and maintenance of ADDS to the Aviation Weather Center developers and technicians.
  • Satellite data ingest/image creation was fully transitioned to AWC.
  • A TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast) decoder was built that stores TAF messages in a relational database (MySql).
  • The PIREP applet was updated to conform to new ADDS applet standards.
  • The time selector bar widget on the PIREP applet was enhanced to:
    • Allow viewing of a composite of six hours of PIREP data.
    • Allow for looping six hours of PIREP data on hourly time steps.
  • A new concept for flight service station briefings using FXC was explored and demos given to the ADDS advance user group, Flight Service Station personnel, and our FAA sponsors.