ESRL Global Systems Division

Jeff Smith

Jeff S Smith

CIRA Research Associate IV / Software Engineer
Advanced Computing Section
Aviation, Computing, and Evaluation Branch
Global Systems Division
Earth System Research Laboratory, NOAA
325 Broadway R/FS5
Boulder, Colorado 80305
(303) 497-7762   jeff.s.smith (at)

Recent Work

Co-developer of early prototype of TerraViz and NEIS (NOAA Envronmental Information Service). TerraViz, developed in Unity3D and C#, is a 3D spinning globe for visualizing environmental data sets.

Lead developer of the NextGen NNEW Testing Portal, a web application that runs a suite of tests against OGC web services (Web Feature Service, Web Coverage Service) at various NextGen sites, monitoring the performance and validating the results of each test. Results of tests are displayed on Google Maps and as GeoTIFF/JPEG images. Developed Ad Hoc query editors that help users construct OGC standards compliant GetFeature and GetCoverage queries. A wide variety of meteorological datasets can be searched upon. Server side code written in Java and client written in HTML/Flash.

Lead developer of WRF Domain Wizard, WRF Portal and FIM Portal: meteorological applications for defining and running complex workflows, defining geographic domains in a variety of map projections, monitoring the progress of runs, and visualizing the data output over a map. Written in Java. Other developers/collaborators include Chris Harrop, Paul Madden, Paula McCaslin, Dan Schaffer, Mark Govett, as well as LEAD developer Craig Mattocks (UNC).

Developer of Data Locator, a web application at NOAA/GSD that harvested the metadata from THREDDS catalogs and populated a MySQL database with that information. This enabled users to do keyword searches on data holdings, issue requests to the THREDDS Web Coverage Service (WCS), subsetting desired data by bounding box and other criteria, and finally, to view retrieved data via a Web Map Service (WMS). Server side code written in Java and client written in HTML/JavaScript.

Co-developer of GIM Tool: a data visualization tool for downsampling huge global weather model datasets and displaying the results in two different web applications: one that employs the Google Earth plugin (developed in Google Web Toolkit/Javascript), and the other employs Google Maps (developed in Flash). Server side code written in Java.

Recent Publications


Open Source Software Projects

  • Java GALib is my genetic algorithm project on
  • SQLExecutor framework is my JDBC project on


  • 1987 - B.A. in Physics from the University of Virginia


  • WRF and FIM models
  • Java (J2SE and J2EE development), Swing, Struts, JSF, Servlets, Applets, JDBC, JSP, EJBs, Ant
  • Delphi (Object Pascal), C++, C, some Perl and PHP, 808x/286/386 assembly language
  • Relational databases - especially Oracle and PL/SQL, mySQL, SQL Server, Interbase
  • Web development (both server side and client side with HTML, JavaScript, Flash, Dreamweaver)
  • XML and XSLT
  • UML
  • GIS
  • Genetic algorithms and basic neural nets
  • Image and video editing (not that I use these much here at ESRL!)

Work Prior to joining ESRL

  • Java architect at Corporate Express
  • Java/Delphi instructor and course author (my Java courses can be found here)
  • system admin/programmer/video editor for the Cassini Imaging Team (NASA mission to Saturn)
    Cassini flyby Jupiter movie (mpeg format: 92Mb)
    Cassini flyby Jupiter movie (Windows media format, use Internet Explorer, reduced size version: 10Mb)
  • Java architect for the Jacksonville Jaguars (developed scouting and other operations software)
  • Senior Java developer at Oakscape
  • website developer/designer as well as a video editor
  • GIS website developer (using ESRI tools) for state of Florida
  • freelance computer game author of programs like Fractal Paint Plus, Stereograms, and Multimedia Pool
  • Developed terrain mapping software for the Defense Mapping Agency
  • co-designer of Dave Mathews Band's first album cover (I was one of the geeks who created the stereogram)
  • assistant ice cream scooper at High's Ice Cream store