HATS Observatories

HATS Observatories

Besides the NOAA/GMD baseline observatories that are already mentioned on the GMD homepage, we also cooperate with some other sites around the globe, that are not necessarily used by other NOAA or GMD divisions. Those stations expand our network for flask and in-situ measurements for some of the compounds measured by HATS.

NOAA/GMD baseline observatories

  • Pt. Barrow, Alaska (BRW)
  • Cape Matatula, American Samoa (SMO)
  • Mauna Loa, Hawaii (MLO)
  • South Pole, Antarctica (SPO)

Cooperating sites

  • Alert, Canada (ALT)
  • Niwot Ridge, Colorado (NWR)
  • Cape Grim Observatory (CGO)
  • Harvard Forest, Massachusetts (HFM)
  • Grifton, North Carolina (ITN)
  • Park Falls, Wisconsin (LEF)


  • Boulder laboratory (BLD)