Computing Aerosol Optical Depth, part 2

The result is a daily time series of 500-nm AOD, as shown below for 28-Apr-2004 for the Sioux Falls station:

Cloud-screened AOD plot for Sioux Falls, 28 April, 2004

Because the MFRSR operates continuously, its data record includes measurements appropriate for computing AOD (i.e., data with a clear shot of the sun), as well as cloud-contaminated measurements. Therefore, a cloud screening algorithm is run on each daily AOD time series. In the example above, the blue points passed the cloud screen test and likely represent good AOD values, whereas the red points failed the cloud screen test. The plotted green dots represent the Angstrom exponent and follow the scale on the right. The Angstrom exponent is computed with the AODs for the 500-nm and 868-nm channels.

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