NOAA Antarctic UV Monitoring Network

Daily SUV/GUV Status and Scan Summary on Fri Oct 21, 2016 [295]

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SUV Wavelength Registration

Station NameWavelength Offset (nm)Status
South Pole-0.052OK

SUV Scan Count Summary

StationData Scans
Good / Bad
Resp Scans
Good / Bad
Long HG Scans
Good / Bad
Short HG Scans
Good / Bad
Absolute Scans
Good / Bad
User Scans
Good / Bad
McMurdo82 / 01 / 02 / 01 / 01 / 00 / 0
Palmer65 / 01 / 01 / 00 / 00 / 00 / 0
South Pole92 / 01 / 01 / 00 / 00 / 00 / 0

SUV System Log Events

StationTimestampLog Comment
McMurdo2016-10-21 10:29:04System time reset. Old 10:29:04, new 10:29:04
McMurdo2016-10-21 13:58:04System time reset. Old 13:58:04, new 13:58:04
McMurdo2016-10-21 19:44:35System in test mode. Autoscan is not enabled
McMurdo2016-10-21 19:45:00HRAD wavelength too far off
Palmer2016-10-21 03:28:04System time reset. Old 03:28:04, new 03:28:04
Palmer2016-10-21 18:43:39System time reset. Old 18:43:39, new 18:43:41
South Pole2016-10-21 12:28:04System time reset. Old 12:28:04, new 12:28:03
South Pole2016-10-21 12:43:37System time reset. Old 12:43:37, new 12:43:38

SUV Log User Comments

StationTimestampLog Comment
McMurdo2016-10-21 19:44:57Running regular wavelength scan prior to absolute scan. -YT
McMurdo2016-10-21 20:06:40Running absolute scan using lamp 200W019. -YT
McMurdo2016-10-21 20:07:00Scan AA162007.295 with lamp serial number: 200W019
McMurdo2016-10-21 21:18:39Running a short wavelength scan following the absolute scan. -YT
McMurdo2016-10-21 21:33:18Absolute calibration complete, returning to Auto mode. -YT

SUV Datascan Daily Integration Plots

SUV Preliminary Data Plots for: Dose1, Dose2

GUV UV Index Plots

PSP Data Plots for: PSP290-320

SUV Responsivity Scan Plots

SUV Absolute Scan Plots

No Absolute files found for Palmer
No Absolute files found for South Pole

SUV Wavelen Multiple Scan Plots

SUV Wavelen Short Scan Plots

No Wavelen Short files found for Palmer
No Wavelen Short files found for South Pole